I need some help with designs of the website. Some I've had positive reviews so far but I'm still not digging it fully. Any input?
  • bsteczdesigns

    Top left logo is fairly large. I'd size it down to take up less room.
  • jared

    I'm too lazy to guess a link to get to your web site to help
  • RONIN78

    Being that most of your shirts are black I think the background should be white. Also,the shirts are cool and I think they should be the first thing you see when you go to the site. Right now you have to scroll down a bit. They should be right there in your face like bam! and the thumbnails should be bigger.

    needs more flash

    ? bro can u even javascript

    (( site looks pretty cool man, i like the colourscheme
  • InfamousThreads

    Awesome feed back thanks so much! We are still adding more to the site (hint java) just wish i knew how to personally html so i wouldnt have to go through other companies that charge outrages prices to add a slide show -_-

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