Hey guys!

My name is Lidia and I'm getting in touch from Printsome, a fresh & vibrant apparel printing agency who love t-shirts. We started two years ago and we have been always doing our best to provide the best service, advice and content possible.

One of our main cores is our blog, where we publish daily content for t-shirt designers and clothing brands in general. Always from that creative perspective that makes us different.

One of the contents we love the most is our #TshirtTuesday series, which has been running for more than 90 weeks in a row! Until now, our series were used to highlight some of the best and most creative t-shirt designs out there, but we want to improve and do it better!

From now on #TshirtTuesday will feature some of the best t-shirt designers on Earth, we'll interview them and promote some of their best designs!

With all that said, in case you have a t-shirt brand and would like to promote it for free, don't hesitate to get in touch! I think it's a nice opportunity to reach a wider audience and build relationships!

Find out more about this here -> http://printso.me/TuesdayFeature
Or simply send me an email at marketing@printsome.com

Thanks a lot!

Have an awesome day! =)

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