I'm starting a t-shirt line and looking for quality ringspun or organic cotton stock tees. Where can I find these?

Also, I want to have my own custom labeling in the form of a printed neck label and woven labeling added to tees. What's the most cost effective way to go about doing this?

  • jonkruse

    American Apparel is a big one, not sure what else is out there. When people buy online they want to know what they are getting, people know what american apparel fits like.

    Get an account at a wholesale tshirt company like www.TSCapparel.com and order products and colors you want to test out.

    Printed neck labels can be done by your screen printer. Or you can get a heat press and plastisol transfers for the sizes. This would cost money in the beginning but be the cheapest way in the long run. If you decide to heat press the tags you would probably want to do it for the design to.

    With woven labels thats a little more time to buy the labels and sew them on.

    I got samples from these guys and they do good work with low minimums.

  • miles to go

    ringspun combed cotton include bella cancvas, next level, alternative or american apparel.

    I've gotten my labels to sew in from cruz labels http://www.cruzlabel.com and had a good experience.
    I did woven at first back in 07/08, but prefer the satin printed labels as they are softer.

    As jon said, you can have whoever prints your shirts do the neck labels easily. You can do transfers yourself as well, but if you started selling a lot of product, it could get annoying quickly.

    I sew labels into the necks of all my shirts which is cheaper long term than printing knapes, but i buy 10k tags at a time and can sew 60-70 tags an hour. For selling to retail, a neck label gives me a place for a hangtag without having to make a hole in the shirt some other place in the neck.
  • thadbaltimore

    Thank you jonkruse and miles to go!

    Question: miles to go: Do you sew in the neck labels yourself or is that also done by your screenprinter?
  • Printsome

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  • miles to go

    thadbaltimore said:Thank you jonkruse and miles to go!

    Question: miles to go: Do you sew in the neck labels yourself or is that also done by your screenprinter?

    I sew them myself because the person who used to do mine locally was taking forever with my shirts. Any shops that can handle it may charge 25-50 cents per for over the tape sewing. I don't mind doing it because I toss on netflix and just sew, but as of last year, I had no clue how to sew, so I've learned quickly. Usually it isn't bad, but I had to print over 2000 shirts in the past two weeks for an order and it took a while to sew all of those.

    You could get away with doing it yourself for a while and then maybe look locally for someone to do them. I used to pay my friend 25 cents per tag and she averaged about 60/hr, so thats $15/hr cash which isn't too bad for someone to do them and make it worth it.

    also, you may find some of my blog articles helpful. they are all clothing industry specific and i go into detail about things no one talks about. http://milestogogreg.com
  • thadbaltimore

    Thank you mtg!
  • dbdesign

    Just started sewing woven labels onto the fronts of my shirts, super easy to do yourself. I never used a sewing machine until this past weekend when I started...the most difficult part was learning how to thread the machine and set it all up which took about an hour. I was able to bang out 50 shirts in a little under 1 hour, which was pretty awesome. I thought about paying my dry cleaner to do it, but it was just easier to do it myself and make sure it was done quickly and right.
  • SheRockz

    Im new here. I've been looking for a tshirt community!!! I have learned so much. I have a lot of browsing to do!!!! excited!!

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