Hey fellas, just wanted to share a quick update on my new brand. The response has been great, I am just currently working on expanding the visibility to that I can put it in front of more eyes. With that said...

I am getting ready to release two new shirts.

Pre-orders for the red "Worldwide Union" shirt are limited to 50 and will be shipped on Black Friday - on sale for $20.
This shirt is a back print only with a custom centerfold label sewn on the bottom, front.

Order now on the website:

Blackout edition tee will be available after Black Friday! Black ink on black tee with custom woven label sewn into front bottom.

What do you think?

Thanks for your support!

  • BluuDreams

    good idea with planning something special for black friday. It should really pay off.

  • dbdesign

    Thanks, guys! I'm trying
  • oohdoyle

    So good!
  • dbdesign

    Hey all , today is my birthday and to celebrate, I am offering 10% OFF all store items with promo code FORGED29


    Thanks for looking ;)

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