Hey guys!

Olivia, here. I run social media for AKT (http://aktent.com) and all of its brands. Jared recruited me to help run the socials for Mintees.

We just created our official Instagram and figured #drawlloween would be the perfect time to connect with all of you, so If you aren't following us already, here are our social account links:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/minteesdotcom - @minteesdotcom
Facebook: http://facebook.com/minteesdotcom
Twitter: http://twitter.com/minteesdotcom - @minteesdotcom

I know there are a ton of threads with Instagram roll calls, but it would be awesome if you commented below with your handle and we'll follow you, lurk your drawings and all that good stuff.

Make sure you're up to date with the currently active #drawlloween thread and using the hashtag #drawlloween when you post on Instagram so we can see your work!

#drawlloween post:
  • cmeyers

    mintees on instagram will be a cool step forward i think! looking forward to it.
  • Tom Philibeck

    I haven't been too great at keeping up with Drawlloween, but I just followed the account. If it isn't obvious enough, my handle is @tomphilibeck
  • BodilPunk

    yeah at last, mintees on instagram!
  • fuggart

    mine is @fuggartdesign i think
  • miles to go

  • qetza

  • PitchGrim

  • dbdesign

    instagram: @dbdesign & @the.iron.union
  • babix

  • bsteczdesigns

  • mikepacheco_

  • deonic

  • biholocaust

  • jumpy

    hello @jumpydesign
  • atomicchild

  • jeremiah was a

    @jeremyrfk I flunked drawlloween but added a bunch of you guys anyway
  • tach3art3

  • Suff

    @notjaymarbacus :)

  • Curtis Illustration

  • chriskillerartworx

  • Namsing

  • UBQ

  • cre8ivone

    Yo! @bigotebros
  • myohmy Design

  • Mgraphic

  • Sol Amstutz

  • Miguel Montenegro

  • andeewells

  • InfamousThreads

    So I'm really needing opinions from you all please! Good or bad or even torture Idc. I made a post on here asking for feedback but basically my site is Infamousthreads.com we just opened up 2 weeks ago bu I've been designing for several years now and for that you can look me up on ig @dickiedoodle to get more or less of what I do. Please comment guys it would be much appreciated I take criticism very well so go ahead and just let me have it haha. Rip it off like a band aid! Thanks
  • KreateDestroy

  • choppre

  • OptimisticDesigns

  • HPC artwork


  • C A T S N E E Z E

  • joemaggots

  • Random

  • kyleidoscope


  • Dickyartwork


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