I thought you guys might enjoy this because honestly Mintees has seen so many internet scammers or idiots come through here and you guys always destroy them.

Also if you have a screen printing company be on the lookout for guys trying to run this con. Its pretty obvious but you never know. But yeah annoying scammers is the best and feel free to use these same tried and true tactics I'm using
  • Sushilove

    I used to work at a hotel part-time and we had those kind of scams often... people trying to book via e-mail an awful lot of rooms and nights for an amount that would be of thousands of dollars. I just ignored them, but it would have been fun to play around with them as you did...
  • cityhall

    Yeah I also usually have a nice folder of tub girl and lemon party photos ready to send out to scammers too.
  • cmeyers

  • jared

    we love getting requests for blank tees, no print and asking "do you ship within the US?" then they try to get you to use their delivery service.

    i always imagined i'd make millions as a consultant to scammers, helping them write their emails to be less scammy sounding.

    we've been burned, so we know what to look for. there are far more casual scams that are ALMOST believable for screen printers. they even pay up front for merch they never plan to receive just to TEST the card limits. it's crazy stuff!
  • cityhall

    Yeah I had to google the scam to see how they even make their money. The "supplier" that I'm supposed to send the fee to or whatever is how. And yeah sometimes they just run this scam to test the credit card numbers to see if they have some that work. All in all total pieces of shit.
  • jared

    Here's one I just got. Get like 3-4 per week, various believability:

    From: Steve Best
    Subject: Sales


    Am looking for blank tee shirts with no screen printing.Break down is the specifications am looking for.

    Brand : Gildan Or Port and Company

    Sizes : Adult small & Medium Short Sleeves

    Color : 720 Adult Small White Blank T-Shirts & 720 Medium White

    Quantities : 1440

    Texture : 50/50

    Let me know the total cost of the tee shirts with tax.Kind Regards"
  • dbdesign

    "No I do not need to snap such and send it"

    "You gotta"

    hahaha - loved that! Nice work
  • jared

    Another just now...

    "From: Taylor Bullough
    Subject: Inquiry

    Am interested to place some order for blank t-shirts without anything printed on and below is the details am looking :
    Any of this Brand : Port & Company, Gildan or Jerzess

    Size:Adult Medium
    50/50% Cotton

    Size:Adult small
    50/50% Cotton
    Color: White

    Kindly get back to me with the totals for the 1000 pieces with shipping to ( MISSOURI) what it is the total cost of them plus tax and shipping.
    Kindly Advice the mode of payment you accept via-email or phone ?
    Best Regards"
  • cityhall

    I actually filed a police report with Houston PD the day this scammer tried to use the stolen credit card and seriously nothing happened. They couldnt care less. About 90% of the phone call to them was trying to get them to understand what address I was calling from. Which is smack dab in the middle of downtown Houston just a few blocks away from a police station. Almost just gave up.

    I'm not sure how its usually supposed to go when you report credit card fraud, but they took down all my info, asked me my story, and then said someone from fraud division would call me that day or the next and get all of the "evidence" I gathered. I never got a call and they never even asked who the victim was or anything. Thinking about using this stolen credit card number to order some pizzas to the police station and maybe they'll actually do something. Contacting mastercard fraud dept is a huge hassle too.

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