No more distracting background, and more designs. Check out the updated website. ,thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks for viewing.
  • jonkruse

  • Jochen

    jonkruse said:
    you cant read the text

    agree! and you cannot read the top left logo. I think its a nice feature that it has this glowing effect when you move your mouse onto it, but you can't do that if don't see it's there.
  • EricAbstruse

    Make that header logo a .png. Banner images are super blurry, upload higher res images. Dark grey text on a black background doesn't work. I'd add more than 1 product picture - either of the shirt on a body or just a detail shot of the print. There's more I'd change but I'll leave that to the others to suggest.
  • Sever Apparel

    Made the logo a .png, text is now white, and agreed I do need to add higher resolution images of the product.

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