Hey everybody!

It's been a while since I posted in these forums but I wanted to introduct my line of lifestyle goods.

The name is ASTROBOT. Currently, the products consist of shirts and a resin art toy but I hope to expand in the future.

Any feedback would be great.

  • Cameron Latham

    The website itself is solid for the most part, but the footer with the newsletter sign-up doesn't need to be on every page. It could be smaller, too. Also, it feels like there's a few unnecessary elements (2015, the "sort by" drop-down, the payment option logos). The social buttons could be made more obvious as well.

    As for the products, I like the vibe you're going for, but the price points will surely scare off potential customers. Most folks are unlikely to drop $40 for a tee shirt from a brand they've just been introduced to. The overall print tees could go for a bit more, but I think $20-25 is a solid range for the simpler designs. The vinyl toy is also a bit expensive in comparison to other more renown sellers, such as Kidrobot and Tokidoki.
  • dbdesign

    $40 for a tshirt, no thank you.

    The "O" logo shirt, to be quite honest the rocket knockout in the "O" looks like a vibrator with devil horns.

    Overall though, the site is clean.

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