Hello, I'm new to the community here but I am definitely liking the information shared in the "talk" portion, you can tell there is some experience lurking around.

Me and the wife just launched our T-Shirt website. We only have 4 designs right now but plan to grow when the sales start coming in.

I'm just curious on your thoughts about the website. We will be changing out the product images soon with the actual printed shirts.


Thanks in advance
  • Tyler.nu Design

    Right off the bat I have no idea what a turtle has to do with being an american.
  • RNation

    We were going with a rural outdoors image.

    Any other thoughts?
  • William Henry

    That image has nothing to do with a rural outdoors image. When I picture that, I think of a picture of the woods or a cabin or something like that. Not some random turtle. Also, the animation on the text on the turtle image is terrible. It adds absolutely nothing to your site and it just annoying and distracting. Just have that text be static. There is no need to animate it.

    hey try google fonts or maybe try changing your logo
  • jumpy

    Id say dont try using every feature and function your cart/WP-theme has to offer. You don't need half that for a site with a few products eg. the search bar and the "Shopping without Compromise" and
    the wish lists/sign ins (etc) get rid of them - it's really wasted realestate.

    the shop button dont even work (http://sheeble.com/patriotic-tees/)

    the logo doesn't match the look of your tees

    get rid of the big ass top slider and get your products closer to the top

    ... look at what the leaders are doing and take inspiration from them, you need to read more threads here and teach yourself MORE
  • cityhall

    I especially agree with Jumpy. You have so much going on but hardly any of it is funneling your customers to the one thing you want them to do, which is buy a shirt. In fact the one thing that DOESNT work is the shop button so you cant even buy a shirt if you want to? (or it did when I tried it the other day too)

    Also with your logo, its hard to tell if you're a brand or just a store that will have different themes every collection. Logo doesnt match what you currently have at all.

    You can easily fix all of this though with some more planning and thought.
  • dbdesign

    Just remember, you asked...

    I looked at your site and I'll keep it short, it's not good enough, not even close.

    It's extremely busy and confusing, I have no clue what the hell I am looking at. The slider banner keeps loading and there is a bunch of movement, it's distracting and is driving me crazy.

    Your logo: Change it, It looks like the "HTML 5" logo mixed with refrigerator alphabet letters.

    I'm not really sure what to critique here because to be honest, there is so much bad design and decision-making going on here I can't even find things to pick out. You need so trash everything you've done and start all over again...make it simple, clean and bold. You need to have a vision and a purpose for your brand, right now you have none of that.

    First impressions are important...make sure it's fucking good before you put it out!

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