Anyone have any resources they'd like to recommend for learning about Web Marketing/SEO? Books, Videos, Websites, etc.
  • dbdesign

    Might want to give a shot
  • cityhall

    Listen to Pat Flynn's podcast. I really like him and he's one of the few online business/web marketing people that dont sound scammy.
  • jonkruse

    I like Gary Vaynerchuk

    Very different then normal marketing SEO stuff. He is about finding your passion and creating quality content. I would suggest starting there because building off solid content is the key.
  • MylesB

    Thank you guys for the replies! I'm gunna check those out.. I really appreciate the recommendations. Hopefully I find something I really click with
  • jonkruse

    Just listened to the blacklinks podcast on smart passive income really good.

    I like his podcasts, real information, instead of just trying to sell you on a dream without giving you the goods.
  • RNation

    This blog has some very insightful articles about different areas of SEO

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