Anyone here using a vendor that produces custom screen print transfers for neck tags that has been doing a good job? We have tried a bunch of vendors but haven't settled on one we are totally happy with. We've run into a lot of issues with manufacturing defects. If anyone can recommend a vendor let me know. Thanks!
  • JoeBaronDesign

    I'm just thinking of transfers, but have you tried Stahls?
  • skulbone

    if your volume is high enough, bypass that and go rapid tag: We do 5 million shirts per year and do all our own tagless printing inhouse.

    or pad printing, we do both, but the plates for P are pricey.
  • brett_district

    Fm expressions is good and super fast. Biggest drawback is that they won't cut the gang sheets. I also used instagraph in cal and they weren't bad

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