Sever Apparel is horror/tattoo inspired apparel input and suggestions appreciated, thanks for viewing
  • Jochen

    hey! First: congrats for launching your brand. didn't you post your website a while ago to get some feedback?

    I like the overall simple layout but the background is kinda distracting me. the image is two times in the background, which isn't a bad thing but the cut from the dragon's/ monster's wing is too hard for me. Maybe you could make it a bit less poppy as well and make it grey/black instead of white/black or even green/black if you want to stay with the colour of the menu.
    The shirts look rad and I like that you've used of of your shirt designs as background but I see the same problem with that particular shirt. It kinda just stops like there is an invisible frame. I personally don't like that but maybe that's just me.
    Another point is, when you click on a t-shirt the info on the right gives me a really hard time I can't read it because of the background even though its green.

    Again congrats for launching your own site/ store. Looks great so far as a starting point and with a few more little twists it will look better! Keep it up!:)
  • Sever Apparel

    thanks for the input and checking out the site, and yeah the background is kind of distracting, maybe I will change it up, thanks
  • Sever Apparel

    made the website as basic as possible, hopefully the t-shirts speak for them selves, thanks for the views

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