My buddy works for this new start-up called inksy where apparently you can set up your own t-shirt shop for free.

He sent me the beta version of the website so I figured would share it here:

I have been playing around and it looks pretty cool. You can basically design and sell t-shirts and a few other products without having to pay any inventory costs or upfront fees.

Seems pretty nice if you want to order some affordable one offs for yourself or if you want to start your own small business.
  • Dow Sauce

    Just checked it out, the site seems pretty legit. Do you know the difference between the basic and premium shirts on inksy?
  • chuppie37

    Good question, I am not sure. I will ask my buddy and follow up soon
  • miles to go

    I totally trust that brand new no avatar account's opinion on it being legit and not the same person posting under a different name. Thanks Dow Sauce!
  • PsychoFISH

    so do they make the t-shirts for you with your own design and just take a percentage of you money? or do i have to find some to do it myself and i just use that as a platform to view my products?
  • Dow Sauce

    @chuppie37 did you ever find out the info on inksy's basic and premium shirts?
  • inksymatt

    Hello Hello

    My name is Matt and I am the friend in question :)

    I work for inksy, and @miles to go this is my first post so please be kind!

    @chuppie37 thanks for the post and turning me on to this site seems cool will keep exploring

    @Dow Sauce the basic tees are District Very Important Tee. 4.3 ounces and 100% ring spun combed cotton
    the premium tees are US Blanks 3.5 oz. and 100% ring spun combed cotton

    @PscychoFISH so the platform will print the shirts for you, process the orders and payments, and ship them to the buyer all without you having so spend a dime. The way it works is that there are fixed fees for each item, for example $10 for a basic tee. After you design your shirt, you can charge $15, $20, $30 or whatever you want, and keep everything over the $10 as your own profits, which get deposited directly into your account.

    Its basically just a cool, risk free way for graphic designers to have merch shops without keeping inventory or spending any money out of pocket.

    Check out the beta here:

    Thanks for the questions guys!

    You can email me if you have any questions, and I can send you a coupon code for ten bucks off as well.
  • Cameron Latham

    Just got a spam email from "inksymatt". Anyone else?
  • dbdesign

    "apparently you can set up your own t-shirt shop for free".


    Apparently huh? Well you sold me with that statement!

    I don't trust websites like this and I will tell you why. If you're a designer, a real designer and creating product, you should want to see the product, feel it, approve it and send it to your customers on your own. This type of approach is lazy, half-assed and not something a designer would ever consider. If I'm putting my name on something it better be damn sure to pass through my hands before it reaches a customer.

    Also, I do not like the presentation of the website, it's too generic, and lacking information to give the site any credibility. There are no examples, no photos, and no real process explanation of how it works.

    No thanks.

  • inksymatt

    Hello again

    My apologies if you thought my email was "spam". Its not my intention to waste anyones time.

    inksy is a platform where you can have your own shop for free and I really believe it to be a great resource for designers and artists who want to create products without having to incur any upfront cost.

    As for the quality of the products, in my email I offered a coupon code you could use to have a free t-shirt sent to you as a sample of what our products look and feel like. We actually do all printing on-demand and it is extremely high quality.

    As for the look and feel of the site, the reason we are reaching out to people in our beta stage is to get feedback just like that. This is helpful and will only make us a better platform going forward.

    It is not our intention to do anything other than provide creative people such as yourselves with a platform to make and sell awesome custom merchandise. It might not be for everyone, but we feel it could be very great for some people.

    We genuinely do appreciate the feedback and hope to be of service for those who might be interested.
  • Cameron Latham

    "inksymatt" just hit me with the same spam email two months later.

  • EricAbstruse

    Cameron Latham said:"inksymatt" just hit me with the same spam email two months later.

    Same here.
  • bsteczdesigns

    EricAbstruse said:
    Cameron Latham said:"inksymatt" just hit me with the same spam email two months later.

    Same here.


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