Hello guys! Here're my designs i created for Mindless Longboards, a longboard company based in London, UK. I was pleased with the results, and it's a good experience to work with them.


- http://www.mindlesslongboards.com/mindless_products/makali-dk/
- http://www.mindlesslongboards.com/mindless_products/makali-sk/
- http://www.mindlesslongboards.com/mindless_products/makali-dh/

C&C are very welcome. Hope you guys enjoy it, thanks!
  • machfudz

    is this site dead or something?
  • Namsing

    Great work mate!
  • BodilPunk

    machfudz said:is this site dead or something?

    do you mean mintees? almost i guess.

    Namsing said:Great work mate!

    thanks Namsing!
  • exsan


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