I love Breaking Bad and have seen the entire series a few times and a few days ago I stumbled across what I thought was a parody of it called Metastasis on Netflix. It turned out to be a version licensed to the Latin American market, an almost identical shot-for-shot version but with Columbian actors. I started watching season 1 and when I got to episode 4 I saw Jose (Jessie) wearing a familiar design:

It is this design that Godmachine did for Zombie Liquorice back in 2008:


The character wears it for the entire episode and you can see more of it than you do in this one picture. The guy has it tucked into his pants but you can read ZOMBIE at the bottom (LIQUORICE, if it's there, is in his pants).

The show began filming in late 2013 or early 2014, is there any chance this is a Zombie Liquorice original? Does anyone remember if ZL made a grey tank top version? Is this a ripoff made in Columbia where the show was filmed? Did the design get sold to some other company after ZL stopped printing shirts?

Whatever the story is I thought it was cool to see Godmachine's work in such an unlikely place.
  • miles to go

    I'm guessing its a rip. I doubt they made a grey tank of this. have you tweeted this to gm? I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it. i think he's @godmachineuk
  • MaggieH

    I sent him something using the 'request a quote' thing on his blog. Twitter would be better but I closed my account. Hopefully he'll see it.
  • cruise

    looks like a rip, look at the harsh cut-off of the sky on the grey tank and the halftones used in the original design. also, the shading is slightly different in the zombie head.

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