I remember one was called merchy on something .

I any of you know any POD sites for shirts please post them here thank you.
  • miles to go

    are you looking for one that hosts a store like society6 or just the service that does drop shipments and printing?
  • David Donald

    I recently opened a shopify store and they have two APIs that connect to print on demand companies: Print Aura and The Printful. I decided to go with print aura because they only charge $3.50 shipping on the first shirt whereas The Printful charges $5.50. You can use both but if a customer adds a combination products to their shopping cart fulfilled by both printers you don't benefit from bulk shipping and your shipping costs go up. I'm still evaluating these printers as I launch and promote my site. So far the integration seems pretty smooth. These company also have APIs for other commerce shopping carts like Woo Commerce. It would be nice to hear from someone who has worked with these companies for a while and can comment on the level of consistency and quality of the printing. I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  • atumclothing

    miles to go said:are you looking for one that hosts a store like society6 or just the service that does drop shipments and printing?

    Yes . Something where i can put up designs and print to order to get money.
  • miles to go

    Although the lack of avatar makes David's comment look like spam, he did mention two that integrate into some store systems. If you want to be hosting it on your site, you'd want to use something like that. If you want a site you just link to, check out Society6
  • atumclothing

    ok ty
  • max_power

    Threadless recently launched artist shops. It's only live for select designers but will be available to everyone in the fall. Could be worth checking out.

  • burst.robert

    Hey - this is helpful. If interested in exploring specific Print on demand websites that are popular in 2019, you can check out this article by E-commerce academia - https://ecommerceacademia.com/dropshipping/10-best-print-on-demand-sites-2019/
  • Hashtagme

    Check this out Hashtagme for couple t shirts online
  • ketherinjonsson

    Any body want to print logo designs on polo shirts choose your best shirts from CalibreApparel's blank shrits

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