Hey fellahs!

Some of you old timers might remember me as "El Presidente" :) Hope all of y'all are doing great! :)

Well, the past few years I've been doing video game Let's Plays on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/generikb)

I've been meaning to get a rebranding/facelift for my channel...new banners (for Youtube/Facebook/Twitter), logo/avatar, video thumbnail template, potentially a t-shirt design, etc) but have been really struggling to find the right art style for me.

But then I found him...Dan Hipp! He's currently the art director for Teen Titans Go!, and unfortunately is unavailable at the moment for freelancing :( I was hoping maybe you guys could suggest other artists that have a similar style to this?

Some examples of what I really like:

Thanks dudes!
  • junostudio

    I'd love to help. Unfortunately, I am not Dan Hipp, but I could do something in a similar style as it's not to far from the work I create in my spare time (outside of my portfolio). Feel free to email me: hey@justinjuno.com

    P.S. I think I remember you from back in the good ole' days, Judd right? Didn't you go on some wild journey or race overseas?

  • ChrisNeal

    I'd offer the same as Juno, I may not be spot on what you're looking for, but I can certainly tweak my working method towards what you after. (I am a sucka for gradients, pink, and chunky text) you can drop me an email at cdpneal@yahoo.co.uk if you want

    I've got more work at acidlake.com & cargocollective.com/acidlake thats more recent too. Hope you're all good Judd
  • atomicchild

    always glad to see you back around these parts.
  • Brock May

    im not exactly dan hipp, but ive been workin on my own cartoon style for some stuff i wanna pitch, maybe you wanna give me a shot?

    this is what im goin for right now

    i mean i got tons more, my email is brockmayillustration@gmail.com idk if you remember, you where gunna have me draw you cat.

    i also do stuff for tf2 and with this youtuber, carpet satan johnson: https://www.youtube.com/user/99008761
    also did a full comic for his last video thru the fire and the games.

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