HI there guys!

Anyone used this the Gildan 76000 blanks before?
Would appreciate some reviews on it.

    76000 is quite a lot of blanks tbh
  • RichardClayton

    I've used the premium blanks from Gildan before and it was great, far better than the rest of their range.
    Ask your printer or maybe try and find somewhere on-line that you can buy just one shirt just to try out.
  • HongfunClothing

    Hi, we used premium Gillian 76000 frequently to make custom print t-shirts . it's very good quality !
    Http://www.tshirt-supplier.com there are many other styles blank t-shirts
  • JoeBaronDesign

    I just looked at two of the big t-shirt wholesale sites and I am not seeing Gildan #76000 Are you asking about the softstyle shirt? The softstyle t-shirt from Gildan has improved from when they first started creating a more premium t-shirt. It's an okay shirt if you're looking for something a little better than the regular G200 or G500 t-shirt they offer.

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