I'm about to start looking for someone to help me out with art promotion, uploading my work to my websites and social media updates. I'm hoping to free myself up to focus solely on creating new work. Anyone of the site have any experience with hiring an assistant?
  • Geoff May

    You're doing that much work that you need an assistant? If that's the case, I'd just raise my prices so I'm doing a bit less work for more money. Not sure how paying an assistant to do stuff you can easily do is an economically viable option.
  • fuggart

    I cannot imagine me ever hiring an assistant to do stuff that literally shouldn't take more than an hour a week. if you are so busy that you cannot even spare an hour a week then why not hire a junior designer/apprentice and try to grow your business instead? then get them to upload stuff when they aren't designing
  • Matt Borchert

    If you live near a college that has a design / marketing program I'd talk to one of their career recruitment people and snag one of them. They'll work for cheap and it will actually be relevant and valuable experience.
  • WinterArtwork

    Geoff May / fuggart - well the job is a bit more than just simple updates. I'm trying to groom someone who can help me out at conventions and such...can't do everything on my own.

    also promotion has always been my Achilles heel so it would be nice to find someone who's good at it

    Matt Borchert - Thanks for the tip Matt, I'll try that out!
  • dbdesign

    Well you can get rid of your deviant art page, and Flikr since they're both useless. Now you have two less pages to update.

    Find a g/f and have her help you then you don't need to pay anyone. Paying an assistant seems a bit ridiculous unless you're pulling in so much money that you don't know what to do with it. You don't actually need an assistant.
  • cynicdesign

    I think that's a no, Winter.

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