Since #inktober and the #halloween challenge is over, I came across a new creative daily list that starts tomorrow.

Check out the list and posts yours

  • dbdesign

    That's crazy awesome! I would love to see these interpretations

    I'm going to do mine in macaroni art
  • Shush

    this is going to be awesome. got to take a part in this!
  • Tom Philibeck

    Nice. I definitely want to contribute. I got a few Drawlloween submissions in this year, but I should actually have more free time around the holidays because I'll be off work for almost two weeks.
  • Andrew Haines

    I might try a few of these if I get some extra time, I like these things that give you themes and seeing other peoples takes
  • Shush

    Haven't done Ink work in a while. Been doing stippling and color pencils. But this is Barf for day 1. Not great but the picture doesn't do justice. lol

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