I was asked recently to do a process video of my illustration as well as type so here it is.
  • Geoff May

    Nice work. Do you ever use the stroke Width Tool? Seems like it'd save you some time. Regardless, the final product is really cool.
  • Design by Disorder

    Ha...yeah i have before, along with the blob tool. but i guess i am old school. If you can consider using vector based programs as "Old School". I kinda always felt it took the same amount of time for me and this way i control every line with the pen tool.
    Thanks for the comment Geoff!
  • mattcorrado

    Awesome work man. I could totally never work like this, always impressive to see how others do it.
  • Design by Disorder

    Thanks Matt
  • BCHC

    Thanks for posting this, really interesting.
  • Design by Disorder

    BCHC said:Thanks for posting this, really interesting.

    Thanks for the comment!

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