last march i said "fuck it" and put everything i had into promoting myself in the world of editorial illustration. my heart simply wasn't in band merch anymore and hadn't been for awhile. in a world of kaufman / rike / crawford i just couldn't compete nor did i want to. i'll still take on clients occasionally if i'm really interested but for the most part i really don't want to be known as a band merch guy anymore.

here is some work from the past few months...

The New York Times - Open pit mining could overtake wilderness.

Time Out New York - Dating in the future

Buzzfeed - Sandy Hook father joins the NRA to better understand it.


Sport Magazine

Houstonia Magazine - Students seeking schools closer to home.

New York Observer - futurist skylines coming to NYC.

Vancouver Magazine - Drugging in the poultry industry

Variety - Rebuilding the Grammys

Shopping Centers Today - Understanding Mall traffic in a digital age

  • Matt Borchert

    Looks good dude! Seems like a great fit for your skill sets.
  • Design by Disorder

    Not surprised by the shift to get away from band merch. And to me, it is a logical repositioning for you. Your art always had a great editorial feel anyway, and these look great.
  • dbdesign

    Great work, man!
  • Johnny Cupcakes

    Smart move and very impressive! Proud of ya!
  • JeffByNight

    You belong in this field of work man, fantastic stuff.
  • Design

    Great stuff Rob

    Amazing stuff! What's the main differences you've noticed between Merch and Editorial?
  • Sam Kaufman

    Congrats Rob
  • Who is Ryan C.

    So good

    And that's an Emmy not a Grammy bitch
  • deekin

    Really nice work man! I really like the NRA and Ice House pieces. Your work fits so well within the editorial genre. Way to make your goals happen, kudos to you!
  • EricAbstruse

    Awesome stuff.
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Like you've mentioned so many times before, "I can draw ANYTHING" and I would go further and say you can do ANYTHING. The way you manage to be so versatile and still keep your style is extraordinary.

    Great work by Rob Dobi? Never shocking.
  • itcamefromthesky

    I've been keeping up with your recent artistic refocus. Love all of these.
  • miles to go

    all of this is fucking great. totally fits into a netflix artist documentary i'd watch. i'm sure it'll happen someday.
  • atomicchild

    I started my art career in editorial illustration and there is nothing quite like it. You are gonna go far man your style is a perfect fit for the medium.
  • Micah

  • Donghan

    I saw them (your works) before you post this on your site. Great works and congrats Rob!
  • jumpy

    yes your style and brain suits this work perfectly - but what ever happened to the TV show mate?
  • jhndp

    Those are really good!
  • pittty

    Really good stuff, I like the ideas, not just pretty pictures. NYT one is awesome.
  • mattcorrado

    Great work man. Congrats on the new direction. Really like a lot of these pieces and it's cool to see you pushing your work into new avenues. These are some impressive jobs for just the last few months also.
  • brianmorgante

    unreal! seriously absolutely amazing.
  • Curtis Illustration

    Great job on these. I love that Time Out New York cover. Forget hoverboards, I can't wait to see hover-benches!!
  • ShineOn

    This is all great stuff.
  • ShineOn

    PS. FullBleed getting a little love in this article

    Your clothes are inspired by 90's street style, right? When did you get into that?

    I was in middle school when I discovered this company called FULLBLEED by Rob Dobi . I loved his graphic t-shirts and saw he was doing freelance. With inspiration from young designers like Rob, I began to make designs of my own.
  • kyleidoscope

    Really loving your use of colour in all these editorial bits and pieces. And congrats on working with such awesome mags etc.

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