don't rip off my work and submit it to a band i used to do work for on a consistent basis many moons ago.

also, mintees has good SEO so here ya go.

jeremy podger, spat creative, jeremypodger, @jrmypdgr, jrmypdgr, spat creative

  • Donghan

  • fuggart

    don't forget the stay bold, kaufman, rike, and crawford rips
  • dobi

    had contact w/ gomerch, doubt they are hiring him again anytime soon.
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Not sure if this is a common "anvil w/hammer icon" but looks exactly like SmithsCanvas logo w/out the texture.

  • atomicchild

    oh da rips never end
  • dbdesign

    Podger ... that's a dumb name.
  • dbdesign

    Dobi was not kidding about the SEO shit, good luck Podger, might want to change your name. That's the type of thing that'll haunt you forever.

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  • MarcoTee

    This guy is filled with original ideas... Friends over at Elektrik Company.

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