Sorry to spam, but I'm only 22 votes shy of qualifying to be in the running for a $150k grant from Chase bank.

If you could take a minute to toss a vote my way would be awesome. It does require having a FB account to vote.

And, if you have a business, sign up too and post a link so I can vote for you too.

I know it's a crazy longshot to win, but they are giving away a bunch of $150k grants and with the crazy growth lately, it would help kick me to the next level.

-greg / miles to go
  • MrSnake

  • miles to go

    MrSnake said:Done

    thanks mr snake!
  • miles to go

    only two votes away from hitting the 250 needed to qualify
  • Matt Borchert

    Was just vote #250.

    Did I win the grand prize?!?
  • dbdesign

    I don't have Facebook, but just wanted to wish you good luck man!
  • Killer Napkins

    Got you man... good luck.. that is pretty exciting!
  • Rockhart

  • miles to go

    thanks for the votes everyone. the chance of actually winning is super slim, but a boy can dream about being in the running. this year more than any, my sales support my chances a lot more. fingers crossed.
  • Femaledogs

    Done..even if I realized then you already reached the 250
  • CoreyThomas

  • Donghan

    Done, i'm at 300
  • johnsaurus

    #304 i got your back!
  • JoeBaronDesign

    Voted...hope it helps
  • chriskillerartworx

    done. good luck dude.
  • tidyink

  • miles to go

    thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support. I hit the goal, so now I need to hope they think I'm exciting enough to help out.

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