I'm the designer Le.Duc and I just create a shop of t-shirts where I exhibit my creations.
I wanted to present you my project. All reviews are welcome.
For the moment, the website is only in French, but soon, when my english will be better ^^, and when I will have the time, it will be in english.
Thank you to you.
  • Cameron Latham

    This entire storefront is a copyright lawyer's wet dream.
  • Le Duc

    thank you for your review.
    Do you have the same thought about the shop Design by human for exemple?
    Because, all my drawings parody are for sale in this temple of t-shirt.

    Cameron Latham said:This entire storefront is a copyright lawyer's wet dream.

    This. Why would you build a brand based on bad parody tees? I don't see anyone from here picking anything up. What's your target audience, I can only see the parents of middle school boys buying into this. No thank you to you
  • Le Duc

    mmm.....thank you for your kindness.

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