Whos going to Agenda in July?

I've never gone and this july is my first time going. Anyone from here have a booth? Also i know companies release items specially for agenda like Vans and i know the VNM did. Do you have to buy those things or do they give them away?

I'm just curious how it works and curious to see whos going?
  • Andrew Haines

    I definitely want to make it out, I haven't been before

    This year will be my first time attending and I can't wait. I will be there with Rebel8 but only for Agenda Long Beach. We have such a rad booth setup that will hopefully blow people's minds. If anyone else is attending,stop by and say hello.
  • Tyler.nu Design

    ThirstyFly said:I will be there with some of my partners from Grit Skateboards. No special items, just our latest decks and apparel. Please let me know the official name of your brand (and booth number when you get it) so I can stop by and say hello.

    I'm going as a "Buyer" but my boss will be doing the buying, I'm going just to check it out and give him my 2 cents on things basically.
  • SinkorSwimBrand

    Im going to Knowshow in Vancouver in July which is essentially Canada's version of Agenda. If anyone will be there for that I'd love to hangout and stop by your booth. Will Rebel 8 be at Knowshow Gnarzilla?
  • Tyler.nu Design

    Coming up very soon, Gnar i'll swing by and say hi, whats your real name so i don't have to ask around for a "gnarzilla". Also how do the agenda exclusive items work, do you buy them at the show or are they give aways?

    Im sure one of you fella's will know the answer to that.
  • Tyler.nu Design

    (BTW is the display at Long Beach the same as the one in NYC? for Rebel 8?) my boss went to Long Beach, i didn't get to go.
  • Tyler.nu Design

    bumping this once before the show, seeing if anyone can answer my question.
  • CoreyThomas

    I will be there walking around today. Stoked to see how this thing works!
  • Tyler.nu Design

    im trying to head over asap.

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