For those who have set up shop in a store front for a limited time what is the process like for getting access to the store? Did you need insurance? What do they require from you ( licenses?) what is the average cost ( I assume it varies on location) where they worth it?
  • HarryDiaz

    I'm curious about this too.
  • Vaughn de Heart

    I did one with a boutique in Northern California in 2010. They didn't require any licenses from me or anything. Then again I had a good business relationship with the owner. it was only for one night and we set it up as an event. I had a couple bands come in and play as well, it was a concert/pop up shop. I believe I didn't need a license because my pop up was entirely inside of their store. If had tried to do something on the sidewalk in front of their shop it might have been different.

    Hope this helps.
  • SinkorSwimBrand

    Thanks! I was thinking more along the lines of taking space from a empty store front and setting it up as my own for a few days.

    Yours sounds like a blast!

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