Saw this in Waterstones yesterday. Looks cool, so I hope it's yours...

 photo GREGABBOT_zpsdf9e48aa.jpg
  • babix

    looks cool indeed, pretty sure it's his work
  • _starryeyez_

  • dobi

    yep, its his.

    Includes 12 monster designs by the following artists (plus three blank DIY templates):

    Camilla Engman

    Greg Abbott

    Jasper Dunk

    Jesús Galvañ

    Micah Lidberg

    Miguel Ángel Ávila

    Mike Okay/KLUB7

    Mimi Leung


    Pete Fowler

    The Bubblewriter (Linda Scott)

    Tom Gauld
  • jhndp

    Ooh, that is awesome. Might want to get one for my kid!
  • Greg Abbott

    Hi tidyink! Thank you for your post. The character belongs to me but I didn’t design the type on the front or the cut path which was provided.

    Thanks babix!
    Thanks starryeyez!
    Thanks Dobi.
    Thanks jhndp!

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