• gurven

    haha and he used that Feast of Flesh font...
  • Cameron Latham

    I don't know enough about dolphins to say that they're wrong.
  • Setup85

    hah that pig shirt is still the best.
  • JeremyRichie

  • ShineOn

  • Andrew Haines

    Some people's grasp on English makes me wonder if they see phrases like this in their own language on a daily basis
  • luismtz

  • Tom Philibeck

    gurven said:haha and he used that Feast of Flesh font...

    I'm not sure that's Feast of Flesh. I think he managed to find a font that's similar, yet even worse.
  • litoQ

  • CoreyThomas

    ShineOn said:

    Dude totally saw this sticker outside my apt yesterday and was like wtf?
  • chriskillerartworx

    at least he's creative with text placement instead of using a band everyone knows :D

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