I'm a daddy now, I am super duper behind on everything. Launched a new line 2 weeks ago, and part of 2 of the line just now. check it out and read up on it here

  • thefERs

    gratulations on being a Daddy!
  • deekin

    Nice, I'm going to be a daddy in April! Kudos on the new line too btw...
  • HarryDiaz

    thefERs said:gratulations on being a Daddy!
  • armndrsyhr

    thefERs said:gratulations on being a Daddy!

    Congrats on the baby also, the spooker and monster society tees are pure sex!!
  • fuggart

    welcome to fatherhood man!
  • themesixty

    Love the new products Kyle!

    fuggart said:welcome to fatherhood man!
  • Johnny Keko

    fuggart said:welcome to fatherhood man!

    And ofcourse congrats with the new everything.

    This was recognizable to me:
    "- Be a good dad. I get angry easily, and annoyed with things when I am not in control. This is going to be a challenge, one I accept with open arms. This is going to be really good for me. Fingers crossed."

    I used to be short tempered. Having kids changed that. Anyway, congrats!
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Dude! Congrats on becoming a Father. You're going to love getting him things like this ;)

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  • Obscure

    im just suprised you found a girl willing to touch your junk! 7

    i kid i kid. congrats dude and line looks great too.
  • JeffByNight

    OC Pizza 4 is one of the best things you've put out, shit is awesome.

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