I'm looking for a new screen printer and was wondering if you guys had any good suggestions. I go to college full time plus run/fund my company on my own so I have been having a difficult time finding someone that has good prices plus good work. I worked with vg kids but their prices are crazy so I switched to this new guy from Detroit and my shirts from him just came back with pinhole paint dots all over them plus random colored pants on the backs and edges of my white tees.

if anyone has any solutions as to the best way to get the smudges off and pin holes that would also be appreciated

And suggestions are welcome!!
  • meredith

    Local printers are probably going to be able to offer you pretty competitive pricing since there's no shipping costs involved. There are some good, inexpensive printers in southern California that we work with but the freight cost is going to cut into your margins if you use a CA shop. Another way you can cut costs is if you supply your own blanks. Most printers mark up the blanks if they are sourcing them for you.

    I know Acme Prints in Phoenix AZ offers free shipping and I doubt you'll have damaged shirts from them, but their rates may not be as good as what you'll find in your area. Wouldn't hurt to contact them and compare their rate card with what you're seeing locally.

    I am not sure how you'd fix the misprints, we actually moved to CA because we couldn't find a single printer we could stand on the east coast. Every job we got back would have tons of things horribly wrong with it, so we just gave up and relocated. Did you complain to the printer who messed up this job?

    If start up cash is an issue, our company does print-on-demand with blind drop shipping. The nice thing about that is there's no financial risk, no constraints on the number of colors in your design and no up front costs. It would allow you to test a bunch of designs with no risk, see which ones sell well and then just screen print the designs you know you can move quickly. The per piece price is not as cheap as screen printing but it still might help you get profitable faster, we talk about why this is here http://dropshipdtg.com/faq.php#18

    Hope that helps, good luck!
  • Obscure

    T9 baby! Most printers will have a spot cleaner and should be able to blast the ink off for you.
  • ShineOn

    What Obscure said! You're not gonna have any real luck with anything else.

  • Lightsaliveapparel

    a lot of the pin holes actually came out in a washer my printer told me to test it with 1 shirt. And as for the colors from other shirts I took some shout and scrubbed at the spots this got them all clean! As for the other printers and drop shipping I'm going to look into it! Thank you all for the advice
  • Rev Skelton

    If anyone needs a great printer in Texas try Trademarks. They have seven automatic presses and they have printed for Ecko and Harley. They can do all those crazy print effects like gel, foil and jumbo prints etc.You can get free incoming freight if you order your own shirts from Sanmar or Alpha Broder. Call and talk with Todd 713-680-3000 6508
  • jared

  • Timo Willsey

    Check out GoodFellas Merch in Glendale, AZ. They are good friends of mine, extremely professional, passionate, and excellent at what they do. They print for a plethora of bands and brands. Great quality, prices, and turnaround.

  • Lightsaliveapparel

    Thank you guys for all the info!
  • UrsidaeDesign

    ThreadBird is the shit check em out

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