Skillshare recently asked me to film a class on designing band tees. This is probably the most complete start-to-finish look at my typical process of how I work. Check it out if you're interested:
  • junostudio

    Seems like an interesting class. I'm sure you will get several people to sign up.
  • HillmanB

    That's awesome man! I am doing Jeff Staples new class right now. :)
  • WholeHearted

    Cool man, just sent this to my buddy who is getting into graphic design!
  • brandonrike

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. It's been pretty cool so far. I've never had anyone watch over my shoulder as I worked, and I've never been able to have so much back-and-forth with the student submitted projects. So far. So good.
  • Sam Kaufman

    Thanks for sharing Brandon. I learned a couple new tricks. It was interesting to see how you separated colors and finalized everything. I do the same thing, but in a completely different way.
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Definitely going to sign up - I love the interaction between student and teacher.
  • justinbryant

    Just signed up. Looks awesome and hoping to pick up some new tricks. Love seeing other designers work. Thanks for putting this up!
  • Matt Borchert

    Does Skillshare send someone over to film you at work, or do you end up arranging all that stuff yourself?

    The quality looks quite excellent!
  • brandonrike

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing watching Chris DeLorenzo. We're all basically doing the same thing, just in different ways. Crazy to be able to watch someone work.

    Awesome. Been having fun going back and forth with the students. I'm doing my best to reply right away.

    @Justin Bryant:
    My pleasure, man. Really loved doing this!

    @Matt Borchert:
    Thanks! I arranged it all myself. I have a local video guy, Nils Root, that I started working with recently. When Skillshare asked me, I asked him, and he was into it. It turned out great!
  • atomicchild

    wait a minute you got direction from a band member that was more than make me a cool t-shirt.....this is not reality......hahahha
  • Design

    Im really excited to get my hands on this class

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