Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile but I have been studying on how some designers usually shading with dots and was wondering what it's called, it looks like they are hand drawn out design(s). Im not talking about halftones or if that is I apologize. Just kinda curious how it is done or what it is called so I could do my own research on it. Also what to get opinions on halftone shading, do you guys do prefer to use illustrator or Ps?
  • Colemadethis


  • Somaon

    Thanks man! really appreciate it!
  • luismtz

    It took me a while to know what that is called but Google "stochastic halftoning", "stochastic screening" or anything "stochastic" you'll learn a lot.
  • RONIN78

    So is that what some of those texture packs do?Or do people just make the dots themselves?

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