What up everyone. So I've been working at Converse for the last 3 years and my time has come to an end. I am leaving so I can focus on my freelance work along with Phidias Gold. My director has asked if I knew of anyone that I could refer to help fill my position. I have asked around and also wanted to post a little something on Mintees, giving you all an opportunity to post your portfolios. This would be the potential for a full time graphic design / illustration position at Converse located in Boston Massachusetts were your job would be creating artwork for footwear. If I think your portfolio would fit Converse I'll get you in touch with my director.

Versatility is everything. You will have to work on Kids, Womens and Mens footwear. Working mostly in vector format creating screen printable repeat patterns. Here are a couple examples I did over the years.

Post your website so I can check out your work.

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