Hey Peeps,

Some of you might have seen my post a couple of years ago, when I was trying to start up my company “Doughboy Clothing”. I got some grief about the designs as people didn’t like some of them, but I printed them anyway, made some mistakes, i.e. didn’t get the best printers and with no labels they were pretty low standard. At the same time some awful things happened in my life, being that my grandmother got dementia and I had to move to Portugal to help my grandparents. My granddad couldn’t cope looking after her alone and I was the only one in the family flexible enough to be able to move there.
Whilst there, my other grandmother suddenly passed away and then my other granddad soon after, so, needless to say, it’s been a pretty hard couple of years and I had to put my life, and company, on hold for a while. A couple of months ago, my granddad made me promise to come back to UK and carry on with my dream of making a clothing company.

Here is a bit about me.
Since I was about 16 years old, I’ve wanted to make a t-shirt brand. I’d scribble ideas all over my desk, on paper, and pretty much everywhere else, but I didn’t know how to start. I didn’t think that a young kid could do it, so I didn’t chase my dream. Ten years later now, and still madly passionate about t-shirts and design!
A while back, whilst helping my mom with her baking cupcakes for a wedding, I made a cupcake that looked pretty gangsta, rocking some scars, holding a rolling pin like he was ready for a fight. Everyone laughed, tons of people actually really liked it. Sadly, soon after this, my mom had to have surgery and couldn’t carry on baking and doing her passion. Since I have absolutely no skill in the kitchen, I pretty much just like making things look cool :D - that’s when I thought of making “Doughboy Clothing”, putting two passions together. One was making crazy looking cupcakes and cakes, and two, was my love for t-shirts and fashion.
I have now found a really good printer in Portugal and have decided to start again. I found a brilliant artist some of you might know, Felix Laflamme, and together we made some pretty cool designs, in my opinion. I have yet to print them as I am still gathering up the money and am in the process of designing a toy with Felix, to go with the line. I am also in the process of making the website, as mine right now is just a simple Big Cartel theme that I edited.

My vision for the future is to open up a shop somewhere, not sure where, as of yet, and get a community skate park built with a youth centre in the back of the shop, where kids can come and hang out, play games, skate, make videos and learn stuff.
Cheers for reading guys. I know it was a pretty long read :D I would really appreciate a little help/guidance where possible, as I know most of you know a lot more than me about making tee’s. I have done my own research on a lot of the stuff needed, but I wanted to know what do you guys think would be the best t-shirt to print on. I was thinking Gildan but I’m not sure yet. AA are pretty expensive, so I didn’t really want to go with them, as my cash flow is minimal at the moment.

Thanks again guys, look forward to hearing your responses.

  • Perception Apparel

    I use Next Level 3600 which is a great quality shirt that is a lot cheaper to print on.
    All of my stuff is printed on it so if you want to see the quality your welcome to order one.


    The illustrations are really good but not sure who your market is.

    good luck with everything.
  • babix

    saw your cakes from your facebook, they are super rad! and felix's illustrations are nice too
  • DoughBoy

    Cheers Perception Apparel, Ill check them out. Babix cheers haha :D
  • wotto

    Nice art, not something I would wear personally but love the illustrations.
  • WholeHearted

    I'd rock that JP tee
  • johnsaurus

    awesome concept and sorry for your loss. I love felix's work and his timelapse video, definitely looking forward to that toy you mentioned!
  • DoughBoy

    Hey guys, Thanks for you response so far :D WholeHearted I hope you buy one when they out ;). Johnnsaurus Thanks man Felix rocks he is really awesome to work with. I will post the toy on here when the design is done :D. Does anybody have experience in getting toys produced? I would love to talk to someone about that. Cheers guys :D
  • DoughBoy

    Hey, What brand of tank tops do people print on?
  • deborahcollins

    The Ghost buster T-shirts was lovely. I will definitely buy one. Amazingly designed, keep it up.

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