Hi guys,

I'm back again to launch the newest For Whom The Bell Tolls collection - Temptation.

It'll be at Wasted Years (Qbar, Oxford st, Sydney) this Saturday night, but this time I'm going a bit bigger and putting on a show in the VIP bar and getting a bunch of awesome bands to play as well as having all new stuff on sale for the first time.

I'll also be revealing a new item from the collection every day on the instagram feed, so check that out if you want to get a heads up on what the new collection is all about.

Hope y'all can make it.



  • jumpy

    Looking sweet mate, hey did you guys do something at newtown festival yesterday? i came looking but couldnt fint the art zone
  • ForWhomTheBellTolls

    We were supposed to, but got rained out in the morning, then stuffed around by festival management (they put someone else's tent almost directly in front of the art wall). So it basically amounted to us getting there sat arvo and setting up the wall, then packing it down sunday arvo without painting it at all. Bit of a bummer.

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