Hey guys. Me and a buddy of mine just launched our first store over at Squarespace. Super excited and proud of what we put together. I was surprised at the level of customization that you can do. Really happy with the way it turned out.

Check it out: http://tastefulsarcasm.com

- Dillon
  • Os Frontis

    Made a visit to your website. It really looks like it was made from scratch. Cool! Check us out if you like: http://osfrontis.com/
  • Eureka!!!

    not looking to be a downer, but its nothing special that couldn't be done on spreadshirt. But on another note, at least you have something set up, good luck.
  • disgruntledillon

    @OsFrontis Thanx for checking out the site! I took a look at yours and the artwork looks great. Keep it up.

    @Eureka!!! Thanx for taking the time to check out the site and giving feedback. I appreciate it.

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