Hello everyone! We don't know if we can inform you here about our new online store, but we take a chance ;)

If you are looking for place to show your artworks on clothes and be a part of community or you simply want a new, cool t-shirt, go to:


teegles.com is an online shop, where community creates t-shirt designs. You can submit your own design and participate in ongoing contest that is open to all illustrators and graphic lovers. Whether you are rookie designer or master, every month our society give us reliable feedback and help choose a winner from new talents!

You are the reason for community growth and make the shop alive.

Feel free to go around teegles.com and enjoy many awesome tees. Have a nice shopping!

With all best,

Teegles Team
  • Perception Apparel

  • teegles

    Teegles means a "gle(e) from making T(ee)-Shirts" and that is the feeling we try to spread on teegles.com! :) That's right, there are many other threadless similar stores like e.g. designbyhumans, but there is plenty of space for such websites. We hope for us too :)
  • jumpy

    goodluck looks great, saw that batman design on tumbr the otherday really cool and sleepy cat awwwww :)

  • Os Frontis

    Your website looks great! Check us out if you want: http://osfrontis.com/
  • lonelykidsclub

    Perception Apparel said:Threadless?

    It'd be cool if there was a threadless for shoes - so artists design cool fabric patterns / concepts for a couple of shoe styles which have already been made and they can select like usual plimsols, or converse style shoes etc. I'd be keen anyway.

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