I am hoping to get a little insight and or advice from anyone who is or has run and operated a start up clothing line. I am genuinely excited about the whole process and have plugging away at it for about a year and a half now. I am looking for ways to expand and constantly get better as a business owner and brand. If anyone has any helpful advice I would truly appreciate it!
  • Menta

    Be serious about it. The designs on your profile aren't wrong concept-wise, but a little poor in execution, be honest to yourself in terms of taking a look at your future product and think "would be people actually wear this?" try working with good designers, don't be cheap about it.
    Something i've learned over the past 2 years with my line is altough sometimes you'll be short of time, don't rush things more than you should. You can end up doing a bad business decision or screw things up, specially if your garments are gonna be custom cut n' sew. Get all the critiques and feedback you can, and do your research: which brands out there aim to the same market that you? what are they doing right/wrong?
  • K.N.O.E. Clothing Co.

    Thank you very much I appreciate every word and value the advice. I want to also thank you for taking the time out to give me some much needed advice. Thank you and blessings on all your ventures!
  • Matt Borchert

    Always be comparing yourself against who you consider to be the very best brands in the world. Think about what they are doing well, and how you can put your brand on the same level that they are. Try to set a list of goals about how you think you can improve and make them happen one by one.

    Also be sure to be really pressing to do something unique that the market doesn't currently have. People can find short term success be emulating what others do, but those who really start something unique are the people who find a long term successful and innovative business on their hands.

    Best of luck,
  • AngrySpade

    You should pick up a copy of Threads Not Dead, it has a lot of useful information about the industry both for a designer and a brand owner. It's definitely a great resource.

    And as an unrelated note, getting logged out after each and every post I make is seriously annoying.
  • K.N.O.E. Clothing Co.

    Thank you everyone for commenting and giving me some insight and helpful advice! We are def trying to press something unique with our message and the meaning behind our movement "Matt Borchert" and we will def start trying to be able to stand toe to toe with the greats in the Industry! "Angry Spade" I just finished the "Threads not dead" on Monday def a Great read and full of invaluable tips, hints, and motivational revelations!!Once again thank you all so much for your time and words!
  • meredith

    I would suggest focusing on distribution. How many pieces per month do you intend to sell and how will you make sure that happens?

    If you are going to sell online, how are you going to get people to find the goods? Marketplace sites (etsy, amazon, ebay, etc)? Online ads? Media placements? SEO? Flash sale sites?

    If you are going to retail direct to customers offline, how will you do that? Festivals? Conventions? College campuses? Which ones?

    If you are going to wholesale, how will you make that happen? Trade shows? Cold calls? Do you have a system for storing and following up with leads and existing accounts?

    This is the stuff that should take up most of your time and attention if you want to sell a lot of product -- that and dealing with whatever vendors are producing your goods. Have a really specific plan for getting your goods sold and be disciplined about sticking to a schedule of tasks necessary to move your product.

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