Hey boys and girls, I know I don't have a ton of fans of my style here but I wanted to throw a link to a design completed in collaboration with Upperatus, the band Prima Donna, the Sweet Relief Musicians fund and myself.

$10 of every tee, tank or racerback goes to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to help musicians who have given a lot of their life and love to the world in their times of need due to illness, disability or age/hardship. If it was not for this I wouldn't be throwing this spam out here. I'd love to do what I can to earn a few more bucks for a worthy cause.

The design is available through July (or until the August design is made available through Upperatus); the printing is very high quality with water-based inks, and the shirts are amazingly soft. The pictures really do not do the shirts justice.

So check it out if you get a chance and maybe get a great tee while helping out some fellow artists (and if anything maybe one of the great artists here will look in to working with Upperatus in the future):


  • Dr_Worm

    Good luck. I want to see some more designs
  • jchristopher

    Thanks Dr_Worm; I appreciate it. I'm always working so hopefully some designs will make it up soon.

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