Milan Based Urban Fashion Brand Galleria-T announces the First in a new series of Artist Collaborations, beginning with Italian Artist Fidia Falaschetti.

Galleria-T was created early in 2011 by London born Eric Hall, utilising over 14

Years experience of working within the Luxury Fashion Industry, combined with his love for an Urban Lifestyle in order to create something more inspiring and Creative of his own.

Fidia Falaschetti began his career as graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, and since 1995 has collaborated with many well-known brands. Yet after turning 30, feeling uneasy with commercial business communication, his career was overturned, Fidia was â??kidnappedâ? by the world of contemporary art, which he found to be the ideal way to express and portray his feelings to the outside world.

For the FIDIA FALASCHETTI x GALLERIA-T Collaboration, 4 Hand drawn illustrations were created, all based around the Design Brief Theme of 'Re-Birth/Re-Start' and each design skillfully screenprinted onto our T Shirts, with Vest Tops & Sweatshirts due to be added later to the Collection.

During this current Global Financial Crisis, where everything seems motionless, annihilated, standing in a dimension without a future, Fidia Falaschetti could not resist the invitation by Galleria-T to work on such an brief.

While respecting the complexity of the theme, the result is provocative and irreverent, with an explicit challenge to the system, but always with an eye to be a wrong solution.

The Four designs created by Fidia Falaschetti for Galleria-T are as follows;

BORN TO BE A LIE (The first time this piece has been re-produced on a Tshirt, with the illustration originally shown at Fidias last solo exhibition in Paris), the focus of this design is on the lack of hope, the absence of any future to a mind that does not create more stimuli and again, a contemporary that does not allow the younger generation to be born and to have their say to improve their daily lives. Storks, do not bring more children, but only clear bags full of garbage, abandoned goods as waste by the consumer society. Lies acquire the role of laws, and the result can be a paradoxical and synthetic image without issue.

BIG BANG , the old situation resets, and life is given the possibility of redemption, and to start from scratch. From a sumptuous cloud in the sky, we see the hand of the Almighty in an unequivocal position: a gun, an allegory of the gun with blanks used in sporting events starter to give the signal to start the race . But the gun did not let off a shot, but instead the flag BANG, such as those found in toy guns, with the addition of a small retail reference: BIG, an explicit mention of the origin of life on earth, the point zero when everything was beginning.

Feed-YO MIND UR (the third harmonic note of the project), brings us to the stage of awareness, the time at which the mind reacts to hunger and opens its wings, flying into the surrounding landscape looking for "food" for the soul. The only real weapon for the rebirth of a better society is awareness. Feeding the spirit remains the only solution to the fight against the crisis and produce far more intriguing, and constructive ideas, full of details worth mentioning.

The cycle ends with F%&K SIMILIE, the fourth and last segment of the partnership between the brand and the artist. Fidia, decided to pay homage to the brand with F%&K SIMILIE as the format, which will soon see the release of a series of collectibles of different types, signed and numbered by the artist. The intention to use this design at the end of the Collection is not random. F%&k as the metaphor for the re-action.

So, metaphorically,
Once you understand the place where we come from (BORN TO BE A LIE), the counter is reset and the timer restarted (BIG BANG), after obtaining the solution and having been made aware of how to change the problems (FEED YO MIND UR), it's re-action to the system: there is nothing that can not be re-invented!

Now Galleria-T can begin to break down stereotypes, creating a new reality and desirable product, in which all the "iconic" symbols can be changed and replaced by what we all believe individually, worthy of praise and support.

We are all unique and different individuals, so then: F%&k approval, (F%&K SIMILIE)....and F%&k That!

The Fidia Falaschetti x Galleria-T Collaboration will be available from, and selected stockists from July 13th 2013 20.30pm (CEST)

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