Blanked on posting this here! A lot of firsts for us in this collection. Finally gotten to do some snapbacks and 5panels and our coaches jacket is the first piece of outerwear we've ever done. Big shout out to John Carrington and Clark Orr for the design work and Glen @ Obscure for doing a great job of the printing.

You can see the full line at

    Rad stuff! Everything looks great.
  • meltmybones

  • Craig Robson

    love everything!
  • Cutty.

    Looks good! That ghost camo is genius
  • ShineOn

    Stuff is looking real good
  • Obscure

    Was great working with you again dude. Agree with Cutty the ghost camo is crazy good!

    Everything looks great and the ghost camo is fantastic. Well done!
  • Micah

    looks so awesome
  • Christiane

    Looking lovely! might need to finally get something!
  • meltmybones

    Thanks everyone! Ghostcamo will be back in the winter collection on some more stuff. Also everyone should work with John and print with Glenn best people (I'm leaving Clark out because he's not taking on new clients).
  • johncarrington

    Had a blast working on this stuff!
  • Jake DL

    Great stuff
  • mekazoo

    looking awesome!
  • Remusecollective

    best line to date. Fantastic work, cian. Really coming into your own as a brand with this line up. Solid all the way through.
  • meltmybones

    Thanks Jesse, I think we figured out the balance between branding/graphic pieces this time.
  • bleet

    rat squad is epic, filthy little fella's

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