Just posted our Summer Collection featuring some new designs and a couple new colorways of designs from Spring.

Shop here: http://shop.cxcitybrand.com

Thanks for looking.
  • thefERs

    That no Kings one is really clever!
  • Cameron Latham

    Another solid release! Definitely going to be picking a couple up.
  • RichardClayton

    thefERs said:That no Kings one is really clever!

  • JeremyRichie

    always good.
  • Jman

    I love where CX has gone. Solid release, as always.
  • jjworthington

    looking good!
  • ShineOn

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, appreciate it!
  • Setup85

    Looking good guys!
  • Keenankoso

    No Kings is killer. Nice release!
  • uglybetsy

    Keenankoso said:No Kings is killer. Nice release!
  • Hendy_Dunx

    Simple catch my eyes. .
  • deekin

    So good!
  • oxusclothing

    Keep impressing us. Great release!
  • Craig Robson

  • cherrypistols

    Forever Awesome.

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