I was very surprised to see today that Flickr got a redesign. I think it's not working 100% right yet but it looks pretty good. I like that you can see your photostream in justified form, same as you could already see your favorites and contacts latest photos. I've been wanting that for a while.


Thoughts? Like or dislike?
Flickr was bought by Yahoo some time ago... I don't know if it's a coincidence that they redesigned the site the same time that they announced they are going to buy Tumblr...
  • atomicchild

    I like it so far
  • William Henry

    I'd say the redesign is absolutely because they bought Tumblr. One of the biggest criticisms against Yahoo buying Tumblr was how they bought Flickr and did absolutely nothing with it. I'm glad they finally realized they own Flickr but I also kind of feel like its too little too late. It has been a ghost town for years now. I don't know if this new design will bring people back.
  • cityhall

    I use to love flickr especially because most of my traffic came from there but now it seems like there's no one on it anymore. I still use it for picture hosting because its the best and I'm pretty pumped they gave everybody a terabyte. I liked the design of the old site better but I could get used to this. I guess I'm kind of "meh" about it.
  • Sushilove

    just saw this and it made me LOL and facepalm at the same time...

    But I think it's pretty much the old-time flickr users the ones feel that way (aka the ones that post amateur porn hahaha).
    I think the new layout is better but I agree that it might be a bit too late. I've been using it for years and it's pretty evident how it has been decreasing its popularity.
  • Sam Weinberg

    They're now offering 1TB of free space. Pretty crazy.
  • Jupit

    fucking awful.

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