Hi guys and girls,

Most of you know first hand, some of the great pains we've had (and still have) when launching a clothing brand, what to produce, quantity, how many designs. After production, we need to sell, where to sell it, why did I made so many t-shirts, how to dump the extra inventory, etc.

I know the feeling, I went trough all that.

That is why we are developing www.teestarter.eu, a crowdfunding platform for t-shirts where any person can create and sell a t-shirt with 0 investment (ATTENTION, this is not a cafepress or others alike).

Please check a more detailed presentation here: https://speakerdeck.com/teestarter/teestarter-presentation

We would love to have some feedback from you, so we can develope and create a better platform that suits your needs better.

If you would be so kind, we can schedule a skype call or exchange some emails so we can pick your brains, my email is jmfonseca[@]ubbworld.com

If you'd like to signup for our newsletter, please do it here: http://eepurl.com/xM_41

Thank you very much


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