Hey everyone, I just put together my first texture pack and wanted to share it with you guys first. Check it out:

Buy Now or on Creative Market
Download Your 2 Free Sample Textures

Rough It Up Volume #1 is here! For only $10, this pack of 20 hand made, high quality, extremely high resolution textures will help you achieve that beat up vintage look on any piece you throw it at.

Designed to function properly in print, these textures are suitable for any design you're working on, in any application you're working in.

Key Details:
- 20 High quality hand made textures
- 5100 x 7014 pixels
- Approximately 8.5 x 11.7 inches, 600 DPI
- PNG format

Note: The snippets above only represent a portion of the textures included, and accurately represent the look of the entire set.

Again, to buy it now, click HERE, or if you'd prefer to use a card over PayPal, check it out on Creative Market HERE. To download your two free sample textures, click HERE.

If you purchase through Sellfy, be sure to share the product page to receive $1.50 off the price of the set!

Thanks for looking, guys
  • atomicchild

    oo textures me love
  • DrewGliever

    atomicchild said:oo textures me love

    Enjoy those freebies man!
  • DrewGliever

  • sharksinyermouth

    These are great man. Just used them on a few things today. Good range of stuff. Let me know if you come out with a second one.

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