Hey guys. I've been working on a web app called Printavo to help print shops manage their shops simply and easily for a few years now. It's been going really well lately and I just wanted to let you know we made a large update last night.

Obviously first, thanks for all the support with Printavo. It's been extremely humbling to hear how many shops it helps everyday.

You can now now enjoy automatic QuickBooks sync
Use Authorize.Net to collect payment
Use 70,000+ products to pull into your invoices
Add Tasks to invoices for people to complete and much more!

Take a look at the new homepage too I designed too: https://www.printavo.com
  • Colemadethis

    oh well if bryan and miles endorse this i had better check it out. looks dope.
  • bcackerman

    Bryan Mach? Yeah he's a customer. Thanks Cole, definitely give me feedback on how to make it better.
  • Colemadethis

    used to tour with mach back in the day. hell of a kid. I'll look into this and see if it's something we can use at the shop.

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