Hey guys haven't posted in a while but i do need your expertise on something
I sent a design off to a screen printer i did prep the file as a halftone bitmap but it seemed to have created a mid tone without me realising as a result a lot of the shading is missing from the print, I was wondering if the screen printers check for issues like this before printing.

on the left's my design and the right the print.
comparing shit detail -L
  • fuggart

    I don't know the answer to your question but thought I'd mention that I actually prefer the printed version so maybe it's not such a bad thing
  • Love Sick

    ahh cool, the main thing i was panicking about is that the customers wont be 100% into the print but if it improved the design then who can complain.
  • Love Sick

    i think a simpler question to ask is do the printers check over the psd files before printing or do they usualy prep them for you?
  • thefERs

    I like the printed version more aswell. Looks simpler and cleaner. My screenprinter is looking over what i`ve done, but normally he has nothing to complain and we are working together for quite some time now, so i can be sure that he does nothing stupid with the Designs.
  • Love Sick

    ah well looks like it was an accidental improvement thanks guys, i think if i left them prepped it wouldn't have happened so a silly mistake on my end maybe.
  • mhooper

    Normally I send everything prepared, then the printer sends back a .pdf to make sure we're on the same page. If something comes out a little funny on the press he has my cell and will shoot me a picture.
  • William Henry

    I think the printed version looks better as well. I've always been told to let the printer handle the halftones though, as each one sets them up differently depending on the design and the mesh used.
  • josh wheeler

    I agree with William. I am printer and there a so many factors involved in achieving a great print for the customer, but probably the most important is communication. With a design like you have above that would probably be better executed by letting the printer handle the seps, especially if you are wanting spot on results.
  • Love Sick

    thanks guys live and learn I suppose :)
  • junostudio

    Always communicate with your printer. Each one is different and the quality of their materials can vary drastically. In this case, I would assume that your halftones were not setup properly or that they were not compatible/ friendly with his screens mesh count.
  • Colemadethis

    depending on your printer, and this has been discussed heavily in previous threads, will provide photo proofs of the first shirt/print of the run and wait for your approval to move forward. most of the time if you are letting your printer handle all of the art separation they will have enough experience to execute exactly what you are going for using underbase and halftone techniques.
  • JoeBaronDesign

    It's best to have the screen printer separate it and prepare it for print. It's a nice gesture to provide the prepped art, but majority of the times it'll need to be reworked at least that's my experience with working with other people's art. As long as you get a proof of what it should look like when it's printed, then you'll have a heads up.
  • 1000eyesdesign

    yeah the print came out cool man! i dont think you have to worry this time
  • Matt Borchert

    I definitely see the issue but the end result is pretty cool.

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