Was waiting to we released this small second batch of goods to post on here but we recently dropped our Spring 2013 line.

You can view the lookbook here: http://cxcitybrand.com/lookbooks/spring2013/spring_2013.html

Shop here: http://shop.cxcitybrand.com

Thanks for looking.
  • bleet

    would wear it all!
  • Jake DL

    So good. That snapback is fire!
  • Matt Borchert

    well done!
  • tidyink

    Fresh as always. I'm wearing my TRUTH & PURPOSE right now
  • Menta

    everything looks awesome

    Rad stuff!
  • TenTimesKarma

    Menta said:everything looks awesome
  • JeffByNight

    Oh fuck that snapback is awesome
  • Cameron Latham

    Had to pick up that snapback. So rad.
  • HarryDiaz

  • Beyond_Ariel

  • Jason Carne

    Cool, David did some real nice stuff for this line.
  • Keenankoso

    bleet said:would wear it all!
  • jjworthington

  • Dr_Worm

  • ShineOn

    Thanks for the kind words dudes. Appreciate you all taking the time to check it out.

    All the graphics in this line were centered around a set of four icons that Mintee's own David Smith created for us.

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