so today paypal decided to close my account, and for no real reason. i did some google search and found thousands complaints with no solution.

is there any other way to receive payment worldwide without using paypal?
  • TenTimesKarma

    Do you still have some balance/money on your paypal account when they closed it?
  • babix

    yes, but only small amount, and will be held for 180 day before i can withdraw
  • Craig Robson

    direct bank transfers
  • babix

    the bank transfer fee is somewhat burdening client, especially when they need to pay twice for kill fee and the remaining payment, isn't it?
  • Craig Robson

    it is but there is also a fee through paypal. if you are worried make it clear that the client pays a percentage extra for fees
  • cherrypistols

    I've had a quick search found this not sure if it helps or not but...
  • harits

    try using moneybookers, and hope the client had moneybookers too,
  • harits

    or use this :
    my friend was try to use it, and works fine.
    withdraw to local bank (BCA) for $60, and the amount receipt is about $40 :D, so the fee about $20 LOL,

    just share here... cheers!!
  • Matt Borchert

    I would be on the phone non-stop with paypal until this was resolved, because quite honestly, if you can't take're going to miss out on a ton of business. There are a huge amount of people who refuse to do business online any other way.
  • miles to go

    you could always use something like square for payments. most stores i sell too just give me CC info and i manually input it instead of them doing paypal.
  • brett_district

    I have an account with First ACH, which i slike $10/month and allows me to process ACH payments (ie checks). Basically when a customer doesn't want to use a credit card, they can just scan and email (or fax) me a check. It processes right away with no % and I get the cash in like 3 days.

    It is also useful for large transactions where you don't want to have pay credit card processing fees. or you could just do what Greg said which is probably the easiest
  • _starryeyez_

    Western Union money transfer.
  • babix

    paypal permanently froze my account now and let me withdraw my balance next 6 months. and my appeal won't do anything they said, and i'm tired of it too. i guess i'll make my mom a paypal account or something hahaha fuck. i think it's just like matt said, i will need paypal nonetheless

    actually skrill/moneybooker looks promising and easy to use, but i must convince my client to make an account. not really a good option for me.

    and for square, is it canada and us only?
  • Matt Borchert

    did they explain why they permanently froze your account?
  • babix

    no they didn't, and won't
  • Sam Weinberg

    Have you heard of Bitcoin? Minimal fees, the ability to transact with anyone in the world, and you can't have an account frozen. I've been using it for some time now and love it. I usually recommend checking out for people who don't know much about it.
  • babix

    i saw your link, it's interesting indeed for the future, but looks like there is no way i can exchange bitcoins to real money currencies
  • Sam Weinberg

    babix said:i saw your link, it's interesting indeed for the future, but looks like there is no way i can exchange bitcoins to real money currencies

    There are many online exchanges that do just that.
  • Mr. Doodle

    You can try payza

  • jonkruse
  • sicknico

    moneygram and western union
  • zombiemade

    how about western union
  • norman

    sicknico said:moneygram and western union

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